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Spider Repellent Needed for Creative Writing Boards

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Levi, Others,

I suppose I should not have been surprised to find that the Poetry Board pages have been spidered by google and the thread-trees have become a part of google's databank. [Text of the poems themselves do not appear to have made it to google's databank ... yet]

I am concerned that unless a spider repellent is added to the pages, many publishers/e-mags will consider Literary Kicks the first publisher of poems posted to the boards.

I suppose that I have been thinking of the poetry board as a workshop and not an ezine.

I would now like to take some of my poems, give them a rigorous polish job and send them out to several of the many hardcopy or cyber magazines out there. I would prefer not to have an early version of anything I have written too easily available to the eyes of the cyberworld.

Can a spider repellent be added to the Creative Writing Boards? How do others of you feel about all of this?

-- sharik