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Maybe you dreamed it, Mike. Or maybe it's really a story that has never been written and it's yours to write. I have one like that that I think I read one time but I'm not sure, maybe I just made it up. It's sometime after the 1960's and these hippies have started living in the Big Sur woods, almost completely cut off from the rest of society, and they start to evolve their own culture and their own language. Anybody know a story like that?

Sorry I'm no help, Mike. That story will come around eventually. I had one like that which I read in 6th grade in 1963, about two guys who were divers and always called themselves "iggles" when they were practicing their diving. I always remembered that story but never saw it again until 2001 when I came across it in an old anthology. You just never know. I still liked the iggle story, by the way, though I found it to be innocent, quaint, from another era.

And while we're on the subject. . . If anybody knows a story called "Dunlap Crashes In" please let me know about it. I read it in a Playboy magazine in Sweden in 1977 and thought it was very funny, but I don't know the author's name and have never come across it again. It's about a good ole boy named Doyle Dunlap (I think) who is having woman problems and ends up driving his truck throught the wall of a bar. Something like that. Anybody?