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beat cocktail

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WWII, Columbia University where east meets west with a little bit of canuck, madness, jewish intellectuals, gay jewish intellectuals, a gay street hustler in Times Square who was "beat" and said so, football scholarships, an oversexed con from the streets of Denver with a hip pocket full of moonlight and words, a sense of humor, the dropping of the atomic bomb & a need to name the cultural and social fallout, a new interstate system of paved roads thruout the U.S. and cars that might make it over them. cheap gas. the ability to run naked in the street. a toothbrush and a typewriter. thomas wolfe. the lonely music of a train late at nite as it makes its way to anywhere. the death of a brother. the search for absent fathers. jazz, speed & weed. a lot. catholocism and a bottle of wine. "beatific" beautiful spirit. eager readers, hungry minds and a spiritual boat adrift that needed a new global direction after the war that would end all wars. The Group Theatre, The Yiddish Theatre and New York Bohemians from the turn of the 20th Century. a splash of imagination. shake briskly. find a publisher. kill an obsessed pal in the park. shoot your wife. write an epic rant about your friends. beat the system on all counts. stir public scrutiny. sing yes to the wedding of everything. get some schmuck editorialist in San Francisco to name you in print. pour the contents between the pages of a few books, then party. work your way out of the hangover. then sing. the ability and the need to hear the music when it lands in your bones. a bluebird that will never die.