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What Walt Disney Knew, by Oakley Hall

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Okay, here's the scene -- many years ago, me a bored teenager in my bedroom listening to some talk show on the radio ... they had a writer named Oakley Hall as a guest and he read a short story called "What Walt Disney Knew".

The story blew my mind. Except I can't remember anything clearly except for the ending. There was a wacked-out hitchhiker (I think) telling a story about an ancient age when there was paradise on earth, and everybody had only three fingers. Then somehow humans grew more fingers and society got corrupted by capitalism and the work ethic, etc.

And the punchline to this crazed hitchhiker's story was that Walt Disney was some kind of secret messenger of this ancient paradise. And this was why Mickey Mouse had only three fingers.

All I know is the story impressed the hell out of me when I was about 16.

Has anyone else heard this story? Is there a book where it is published?

-- Levi