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Eight Things About Oakley Hall

1. He lives in California--sometimes San Francisco, sometimes Squaw Valley.

2. He plays tennis.

3. His middle name is Maxwell.

4. He was born in 1920.

5. His daughter, Sands Hall, is a novelist and playwright.

6. Another daughter is married to the novelist Louis Jones.

7. His books include The Corpus of Joe Bailey, Warlock, Separations, and Ambrose Bierce and the Death of Kings.

8. In his Introduction to Richard Fariña's Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me, Thomas Pynchon writes:

Sometimes at college we also succeeded in getting on the same literary wavelength. We showed up once at a party, not a masquerade party, in disguise -- he as Hemingway, I as Scott Fitzgerald, each of us aware that the other had been through a phase of enthusiasm for his respective author. I suppose by then I was learning from Fariña how to be amused at some of my obsessions. Also in '59 we simultaneously picked up on what I still think is among the finest of American novels, Warlock, by Oakley Hall. We set about getting others to read it too, and for a while had a micro-cult going. Soon a number of us were talking in Warlock dialogue, a kind of thoughtful, stylized, Victorian Wild West diction. This may have appealed to Fariña partly as another method of maintaining Cool.