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I'll register on V's side of the argument here...

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Mike's position is sort of "French" in denying a moral criticism of whoredom, and not one I'll attack (at least here). But V's point is to look for the sort of relation in which someone makes an exeption for someone else, resulting in the exclusivity that focuses romance more than is possible than with an unexclusive sex worker, as nessecary as such experiences could be for some and no doubt are.

I think V wants more, and is wondering which writers have pinned this high-focus experience down. Dumas uses flickers of it for background in Count Of Monte Cristo; Ovid's Art Of Love sometimes approaches compassionate romance maintenance suggestions when it isn't more mercenary.

A few writers good for intensely evocative perspective (not nessecarily romantic in subject) would be Kate Braverman, who did Lithium For Medea and Squandering The Blue. And there's Beryl Markham, of West With The Night and The Splendid Outcast. They're maybe a bit too modern for the question, but they're quite powerful. Markham flourished in the 1930's and Braverman emerged in the late 70's, I think.