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An Unfortunate Woman by Brautigan

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I just started reading this treasure quite by accident, isn't it great when accidents make you laugh?, anyway, I was giving a friend home from the library, naturally, her arms were loaded down with hardcovers. This one slipped from her clutches and fell under the seat. I found it later, and she insisted that I read it before returning it-she'd already had the pleasure of doing so about one year earlier. This being my first Brautigan novel to read, it is so familiar, nonetheless. His vauge and carefree commentary hints at Vonnegut, J.D. Sailinger, and Kerouac. The day after I started reading An Unfortunate Woman, I returned to the library to see what other Brautigan works were available, this is definately turned into an obssesion already, and was unable to find his most famous work, Trout Fishing in America. If anyone has read either, and would please thrill me with your thoughts/opinions/views/translations/transformations of Brautigan in general, I would be humbly appreciative.