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Looks like the right track...

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... to be on for a literary antidepressant program, although I didn't think of the suggestions that way at first.

Such authors WOULD work as shock/diversional therapy, though; you could compare Markham to Braverman as honey meade or peach schnapps would compare to 4 belts of Chivas. Markham is smooth and builds on you, very proper but relying on her amazing life (raising horses and flying early airplanes in turn-of-the-century Africa, pre-WW1) for generating jaw-dropping responses. And Braverman, on the other hand (in Lithium For Medea), is flat-out like a good roll in the hay, or a taxi ride with Hunter Thompson on the way to McSorley's Ale House on a plane layover in NY with JUST enough time.

Maybe just the medicine needed... but the self-help angle's ok as well. Can't say much about that, although I did catch "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty", which wasn't too bad.