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Trout fishing in america, and other things ive just finished

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Hmm Trout Fishing in America by Brautigan, it's an odd book, i read it this morning over tea and cigarettes and that's probably the best way too. It was really entertaining and very well written. The images too quite fantastic. But, something about it was a little off, it seems like a book by a writer for writers or those interested in writing? I've written two novels and loved this book but I'm not sure if anybody would enjoy it.
Also just read the electric kool-aid acid test, quite a brilliant book, inspiring, interesting, factual and humorous. Great read.
Finished reading every single line in the casebook on beat a sixtys college book on the beats with extracts from various folk, ginsberg, kerouac, ferighnetti, corso, whalen etc. very interesting full of comments, thoughts, essays and all that by the beats. Great book.
Now for this week and next I've Franz Kafka, the wedding & Other stories(something like that's the title anyway), Herman Hesse Steppenwolf, Crime & Punishment and Kerouac Good blonde & Others.