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what i've been reading

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i haven't posted about my reading habits in awhile, so here is a (probably not comprehensive) list of things i've read to occupy my time in the recent past.

the unbearable lightness of being - milan kundera. i got through the first section of this, and didn't feel compelled to go any further, so i stopped reading. it wasn't that i didn't like it... it just didn't keep me going. i may pick it up again in the future, but i'd be interested to hear what other people think of it, and if anybody has any different kundera recommendations.

kissing in manhattan - david schickler. this is a first-time novel (though it's more like a collection of short stories) and the reviews on the covers said that it was haunting and loaded with dark comedy. i like both of these qualities in things i read, so i decided to give the book a go. i didn't like it. i saw where things were supposed to be darkly funny, but they didn't even make me crack a smile, so there you go. that might just be me being too harsh, though. i'm picky about books i like.

me talk pretty one day - david sedaris. now this book is funny. i wasn't gasping for air while i read, like the critics told me i'd be, but even so... i liked it. a lot.

the hours - michael cunningham. haven't seen the movie, though after reading, i have to wonder how such an internal novel got turned into a film. i liked this book very much... knocked it out in an afternoon. has anybody else read it? if so, what did you think?

a spy in the house of love - anais nin. (forgive me for not including the umlaut.) still reading it, liking it... probably have more to say when i'm finished with it.

a happy death - albert camus. i actually didn't mean to buy this book... i was carrying two books around, and i put one down and went to pay. i didn't notice what book i'd actually purchased until later. oh well. i've read quite a bit of camus and i always like him so it's not a problem. i'm only a few chapters in, but so far, so good. having read the stranger makes this book especially interesting... though it's been years since i've read the stranger, so i'll probably have to read it again once i'm finished with this.

and that is all. hurrah.