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the turning

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This book contains his (to me mysterious) turning, his introversion. He suddenly decides to give it all up and go live with his mother. On another discussion someone tried to fit JK's life into three parts. I hate it when people simplify like that. He was a brilliant guy, and his decision to turn away from his old way of life so suddenly, a decision strong enough to lead him to change his life style radically, is a very important one, and hard for me to understand. But anyway, I also see the blend of the two religions, Buddism and Catholicism, as important. (Someone elsewhere in these pages mentioned that he was a "bad" Buddist- I hate statements like that. Its like saying it is a "bad" sunrise.) There is much MUCH more to this book than meets the eye. Everything about it is in there for a reason. It is tremendously profound. The easiest mistake that a person can make regarding JK is to underestimate his profudity.