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nobody attempted to quantify his 'life' in three segments. your blanket 'oversimplification' of my analysis of kerouac's prose is symptomatic of most of kerouac's ideologues. surely you cannot spend a week reading Town and City, On the Road, and Satori in Paris and then report any sort of coherent common ground. the three stages of kerouac's prose is a universally accepted premise, and taught at Columbia by those who knew the man. I suppose Gregory Corso just didn't "know" Jack like you do. your literary objectivity is clearly lacking, clouded by thinly veiled sympathy for kerouac the man and not the writer. i've had this discussion with many keroauc minions. Nobody is judging his life, per se. But if you are telling me that Pic or Satori is brilliant simply because kerouac graced us with Dharma Bums and On the Road then you are pissing in wind.
As far as "judging" his Buddhism goes, nobody asked kerouac to litter his otherwise albeit intermittent brilliance with vague and superficual references to Buddhist mantras. If one intends to wear ones religion like a badge of honor, then any expectation for me to be a moral relativist goes out the window. More likely, those troubled by Kerouac's Buddshism are annoyed by his insistence on reporting on it ad nauseum in his later works.

i have never missed even one moment of the last 5 survivor shows on CBS. alan ginsberg's fave show was press you luck the game show with host Peter Tebarken.