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gone zo doc

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Ol doc gonzo...hmm well I read lots of him. Fear an Loathing, Hell's Angels, collections.....I wonder about
his status to "beat"--this guy, air force, no college, and now he's on phuckin ESPN or in Ho-wood with celebrickties...he's more like an opportunist than a journalist--though I have dug quite a few of his rants--

Fear and Loathing rocks in places, but it's as if he's pissin on Vegas and the american "way of life", the GOP, the sheriff's convention (the best part about) at the same time a bit of a partaker of it hisself--

but ya gotta admire his way with wimmen..honestly, beats should make a raid on his fuckin Colorady compound and have him cough up some... I don't know dope or whores or money...