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Ah yes, there is a certain guilt in reading an Oprah book, yet, for her credit, she usually picked solid books.

The fact that Franzen was outraged his book was selected by O got me interested initially. Every critic in the land lambasted him claiming there is no difference between high and low art in America (it's all market forces), but every critic and reader also understood what Franzen was on about, and sympathized. Oprah does a lot of good, but she is still Oprah and has a tendency to McBook good art, IMO.

Right now Chip is on the plane going to Lithuania. I have to say, this turn and the speeches about World Bank and the IMF have disengaged me. What was a very real story told in wonderful comic truths, the kind that draws blood and laughs, has forayed deeper into fantasy and detached my belief that the characters are flesh and blood.