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I don't mean to present myself as a "minion" of JK. Most of my writing has been in the history of medicine- 19th century for the most part. I guess I MIGHT have at one time been a minion of Sir William Osler...
I am sure you are much more versed on JK than am I, and you know more of what has been said about him by his friends, and you can visualize the stages you mentioned. I am sure that is what led you to mention them. I am sure you also must realize that I used the term "turning" because of what has been written about Heidegger by scholars of his life. So I was making fun of myself! But you have to admit that JK's rather sudden withdrawl from the world is interesting.
So many exceptions to any scheme of "stages" when trying to understand a life. But it is the bread and butter of the academic- something upon which to base a book and achieve academic advancement.
I am a rather old man now, and spend my time simply reporting events and what people actually said. I have given up trying to explain their meaning.
"Pissing in wind." Very interesting. I can't say much about that. Now, pissing OUT wind means you probably have a fistula between your colon and your bladder- inflammatory bowel disease can do that among other things! I believe it is called "pneumoturia," or something like that. Ha-ha.