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the spirit of his age?

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JM was all you two say, and i suppose a peppering more. However, in his words one can waver around the whirlpool of a particular historical time; the sixties/sevNties; the uppers-downers, and the blurring maze between. The drug culture and the anti-climax... the freedom, love, fear, and loathing - he was a figure-head of furious Individuality, pure, self-indulgent heights. I tell you this... I tell you this man, I don't know what was happenin man, but he had his kicks, and shot me through with a few great diamonds of wisdom, despite his drugged up self-degrading haze.

hehehehehe Jimmy Jimmy
Drank the bottle,
Sang the Shimmy
Rang the bell
Died so silly
Left me