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deadeye dick

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finished cat's cradle a while back and was bereft of vonnegut, panicking and upset. i'm working in the med and it's a bitch to find decent books in english. my girlfriend came to hang with me for a bit and surprised me with FOUR vonneguts i hadn't read, including two books of short stories! YAY! now that's a cool girlfriend. she's pretty cute too, woopee! anyway, i'm almost done deadeye dick and it hasn't disappointed. i am really into vonnegut's style. what a great writer! i am slowly but surely checking all of his books off my list, and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it... the only sad part is when a book gets finished. especially "breakfast of champions" and "mother night"- i was so bummed when i got to the last pages of those two... sigh. anyway, i haven't been around litkicks much lately cuz i've just been too busy. hope all is well, everyone. levi, i like the new look. cheers,