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movies disappoint

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I know alot of people who love the movie high fidelity, but none of them have read the book, for me, the movie was a big disappointment, as it was for a friend of mine who has also read the book. Basically, it's probably a good movie, but the book really is many times better, you really get inside his head, and it feels like, at least for me, he's reading my mind. One scene seemed like he stole it from my life. It's a very excellent book, and very funny, gives insight into your own head if you are an obsessive personality type guy, almost to the point of being creepy,haha, and if not It's still very entertaining, well that probably sounds like a lot of hype and overpraise, but I loved the book. Haven't read anything else, but heard that the book/movie dynamic holds true for a About a Boy from a friend, but yeah, if you liked the movie you should read high fidelity, just be warned you might not like the movie anymore.