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faboulous movie

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read the books "fever pitch" and "about a boy".ohh ,and high fidelity.
both movies. FP was a great read! specially for me beeinga sworn fotball fan and and also a supporter of arsenal f.c.
but i guess all f.supp. would carress this masterpiece.

now," about a boy", was a much better read. t's matter o fact, i skipped work a coupla days to stay home and read it. magnificent!
so obv. i wasnt looking forw. to the movie. hugh grant and all..but i wento see it with another hg-hater, and it turned out like nuthn ive seen comin' out of a book b4!

the film followed every line in the story. coments and situations. at least up until the end.
i might almost say..and hold on to yer bushmills was as good as the book!
a hoot ,as they say in kansas.
or "bitchn'", like they say in st. petersborugh,FL.