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Kool Aid Acid tests -

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was a great alterna-journalistic novel. It's wild all those people on that bus. What an endless journey, everything taken furthur than it had been taken before.

Your suggestions: Maggie Cassidy & Nova Express - I'd prefer Kerouac to Burroughs anyday. I read MC several months back, brilliant! its not one of kerouacs crazed experimental pieces and it is easier to read, similar to (On the Road & Dharma Bums & Town and City) but if your into the experimental I'd suggest Visions of Cody, Dr.Sax, Desolation Angels...

I've never really liked burroughs so I do have a bias...but read and find out for yourself, take the time to go through each book.

(also the other post suggested Nadja, what a great book! My copy of the books pages are spread out and the seam is almost unbound due to my abuse abuse.)