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Excuse me sir -

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but in my humble opinion 'Twelve' is a regurgitated-pulpfucktion-EllisWannabe-plotless-stereotypical-mindless novel.

If you are 'into' novels that have zero story/lifeless characters/stereotyped sexDrugs&teens then 'Twelve' is your kind of novel.

The only reason McDonnell's book was published was because his godfather Morgan Entrekin happens to own Grove Atlantic...hmmm, amazing how these things work out.

And then the blurb of Hunter Thompsons on the jacket is ridiculous, did he even read the novel? or is it because he is a close friend of the family?

I respect everyones different tastes; but do not judge a book due to the 'age-factor' or 'popularity.' Brush the dust off of your brain and try to read something that is not so blatantly popular&bullshit, Walden would be a good start to get you re-acquainted with nature and non-A.D.D. beautiful writing.

good day to you sir