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Okay, first, I had just finished the book, so I may have been overzealous, however it was not a wasted few hours. A young man of sixteen wanted me to read it and I did. He was excited and one doesn't see that excitement in books very often, so that may have prompted my opinion. Also, he's now Wanting to read Salinger and Kerouac and the ubiquitous HST, with his eyes on Kafka, Hemingway, Burgess and (oddly, for a young boy) Virginia Woolf. I think, in my Humble opinion, that any push into the magical world of literature is worthwhile. By the way, my undusted brain has read Walden, all of Kafka, all of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, most of Faulkner and Blake, Woolf...and, yes, even Nietzche, Camus, Sartre, and many Buddhist publications. But thanks for your opinion...