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I discovered Joseph Campbell many years ago and he literally changed my perspective of life. His constant messages, of how we are the heroes and heroines of our own myth, how character and story are an integral part of our makeup to this day, and how these myths, religions, and stories can help everyone lead more passionate lives, was and still is very attractive. I read somewhere a comment from a person who just saw one of his lectures, saying she felt so good, like walking on air. To get a good perception of him, you should see The Power of Myth, interviews he did with Bill Moyers. On the other hand, he did have his detractors, calling him a popularizer and that he sold himself out for super-scholar-stardom. There's a very good book called Joseph Campbell--An Introduction by Robert A. Segal that doesn't hold back in criticizing him in some areas, but the sense is still that he was very important at the very least in getting people interested in some fascinating subjects.