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Just Finished Frankenstein

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I picked this one up through the nice Barnes & Noble Classic books you can get for $4. I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised by the book being one of psychology and an analysis of human nature than the cheap horror thrill that Hollywood has made it out to be. One thing that I didn't like was that a lot of key events kind of just happened without any detail or build-up. The few times that Victor saw the monster before meeting him kind of just happened like any other sentence. Also, events like Victor's time in college and especially is eventual marriage to Elizabeth were not focused upon with any attention AT ALL. Granted, this was likely done to underscore the underlying message of the book by focusing more on the thoughts and emotions of the two main characters, but I don't think that a little flushing out of some details would have killed it.

Also, it seemed like there was a complete lack of description in the book. Meaning there didn't seem to be an amphasis on painting a picture of what the surroundings were like. Not really trying to give you an idea of the way the people in the story would be sensing their surroundings. I think this stood out more after reading authors like Kerouac, where so much attention is spent on this.

That all said, I don't want to take away from how magnificent the story really is. The influences of her father (philiosopher), mother (social activist), and life (three of four children died and husband drowned) really present themselves in the story.

Your thoughts?