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maybe if you let her know... ie, just because you watch a bunch of action movies doesn't mean you're gonna up and shoot someone. or if you listen to dreary, mellow music doesn't mean you're gonna go suicidal. more, that you're an adult, not a child. you are not gonna be influenced as such. what if you loved murder mysteries? vampire books?

if she threw the books, you can buy em again. but you can't buy her or her peace of mind. which is more important to you? assure her you love her over all things. and you never would've gotten married if you were still of such a mind. plus, what would she want with you anyway were that the case? my guess is she's bothered by other issues past the books themselves. again, ie, your drinking maybe? she caught you starring at other women? maybe she's just insecure? talk to her long and tired. figure stuff out.

...just a thought.