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Desolation Angels

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umm...i can't find my Bonesetter book. i like to carry something in my bag always just in case. grabbed this one in the mists of my rushing. i had wanted to read it. sorta.


i hate Kerouac (there, i said it) even Wulf Zendik pissed me off. before i get shot... yes, they're amazing writers. no disputing that. but their stories... they groan and moan about love. when it's their own freaking fault for losing it. i'll be halfways through a story when i just have to put it down and breathe. my hand up and ready to snap at some invisible face. i understand they wanted, even needed adventure. to keep moving. antsy feet.

so then shut the F*#! up and deal with it then!!!

every time they met some amazing woman, and granted most had issues, but they did come across some keepers, they up and went. makes me wish i could jump on their back, drop em; pound their heads on the ground. scream "i don't want to hear it!"...


i guess this is a sign for me to give at least kerouac another chance. i haven't really read much of his stuff so i shouldn't be saying... again, he's great. just gets under my skin that's all. hope this is a smoother ride.