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what this was leading up to

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was a discussion about whether you believe our world is deliberate (everything happens for a reason, no accidents) or if you believe that everything is random and operating in chaos.

the answer of course, is both. sometimes things do happen for a reason, and sometimes they happen for no good reason at all, or at least not at the will of God. He doesn't have a desingated number of malignant tumours to dole out each week, looking up in his files who has been wicked and deserves one, nor who can deal with it best, enlightening others as they suffer.

nice people get malignant tumours too. and they may suffer poorly, rather than be gracious.

tumours happen as a law of science/nature, not moral law. we should not question 'what have i done to deserve this?' or 'why have you done this to me?'. a better question would be, 'God, do you see what is happening to me, and can you help me cope with it?'