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Shakey: Neil Young's Biography

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By Jimmy McDonough

Officially sanctioned by Neil himself. Hundreds of interviews w/ family, friends, staff, bandmates. Eight years in the writing. Held up for two years in court by Neil.

Just started last night. I’m totally stoked.

For you Neil fans out there, his new project / CD / DVD "Greendale" looks like a home run. He’s just finished performing this new album (I still say ‘album’) in it’s entirety during his recent solo tour in Europe and will be performing the same w/ Crazy Horse this summer.

Here’s a review:,11710,960988,00.html
"... songs from his new album, Greendale, take a critical squint at Bush's America through a small-town keyhole... He (Neil) seems especially fired up by issues of media intrusion, ecological conservation and illegal surveillance by government agencies."

Neil’s pissed and that’s good news. Neil’s always at this best when he’s pissed.

BTW – Why am I posting this at 6:30 on a Saturday morning? Had to make sure my 16 year old got up in time to catch his school band bus to play at today’s commencement. He can’t awake reliably on his own.... cazart