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Becoming illiterate

Posted to What Are You Reading?

I ain't reading no more. I don't want to. I'd rather hug my wife and just smile. Don't need to read no more. I want to becomes illiterate and forget everything I've read - except for Brothers Karamozav.

Take away the words from my life and give me my wife. She speaks volumes in a smile.

What's the point of reading? They took away my Bukowski and there's nothing to read no more. Tell me one good book worth reading? Kafka, Delillo, Mafouz, Dante, Joyce, I've read them all and more. Give me one book that is worth not spending time with my wife for.

Yup, I got happily married and my wife has shown me more life and more pleasure than any book I know (except maybe for Brother Karamazov).