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Arcanum 17 -

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I've read the first section of Bretons Arcanum 17, [so far,] which reads like a diary on life and living [random but with a main objective], which is exactly what this book is. Breton depicts the world and life as this decaying rock, that he and his lover visit daily.

This was written during world war two/wwII and is suprisingly 'uplifting.' Breton has a vigor and love of life. The book is one long love poem/story and it's beautiful.

This book along with other Breton/surrealism prose is vivid, it [cliche] 'Comes alive' as you read it.

I've just read some of Artauds selected works [reading more everyday, ohh god - one of the greatest writers ever, read his piece 'Van Gogh, the man suicided by society.'], and borrow'd Bretons 'Mad Love' from the central library -

in a phase of french madness and allure.