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New Language

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Reading your sheet was like reading a new language you know what I'm saying? I mean I'm down with the lingo and sheet but that was whacked yo. I mean I dig my boo. I dig her like a grave. Still yo, I gotta holla at my boys and give the curve some time. I sit on the curb, blazing on a fatty and pouring some out for the dead homies. I ain't gots no time to be edumacating myself with these dead heads. Oh sure the literary must carry on but yo, I can't get the books I want (me liking obscure writers) and I gotta be knocking boots with the boo. After a hard day of slanging, blazing, rhyming and just be thuggish, I ain't got time to be worrying about the dead russians. I gots to handle mine. So peace shout out to little rico in the pen, Donny D in the grave, Justy J in rehab, Sweet Jimmy (Lawd save his running from the law ass), Big Steve slanging dank, Little Andy trying to live legit, Chuckles doing god knows what and all the little homies.