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a long time ago but today still

Posted to Poetry and Politics

I went for a walk in Dublin yesterday, it was a scorcher of a day. After I left the National Gallery I found myself back at a book stall in the city center, as I thought myself bored by all around me I decided a new book would have to do. I found a second-hand version of Voltaires 'Candide'.I had never read any Voltaire before. It is excellent, but typically, as I was trying to escape the usual Irish jabber, the news of war reading the book it soon became clear Candide is still relevant in its humour and horror. There aint no escape, even on sunny days in Dublin in 2003. And as Dr.Pangloss rings out in my head, I'm resolved to say "this is shoot two monkies and kill two lovers at the same time!" As it was in an 'auto-da-fe' or is now with the 'War on Terrorism'.