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important would be

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to capture the spirit of the action poetry board by maybe putting together sequences of poems that were birthed by interaction on ap... there are threads of poems that play together, there is interaction, inspiration...

if there's a certain theme ( war&peace,yes, why not... journeys could be another one... or poems of longing... love poems, of course... also 'litkicks - poems of strange times' would be a possibility), the poems could be put into sequences where every poem has a connection to its neigbour poem, like one great thread... or else, to capture the spirit of interaction it could even be a kinda interactive book... a poem of a journey, for example, could either lead to a poem about travelling a road or a country, or else to an inner journey poem... just as there might be several differently inspired replies to a poem on the action board, there could be options beneath a poem in the book like 'road poems - page 15'; 'poems of inner journeys' - page 23'; 'lost wanderers- page 31', or something like that... this way, various subjects would find a connection by the line, the 'thread' the reader follows while wandering thru the book... s/he could move back and forth, sideways and into various directions, like he would click around on a board, yet not get lost because he knew his 'thread' (the book or the chapter or however the collection would be organized), which could be indicated at the top of the page like it would be shown on a message board, by saying for example 'journeys --> road poems ---> (title of poem)'.

the reader must feel the interaction, the inspiration, and be in motion by being able to 'participate'... the pages of this book must be moved in anticipation and with a feeling of being able to use one's inspiration to chose what comes next... like when we click on the posts.