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I hate John Reid

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Right wing hawk scum I remember seeing him doing the rounds with the rest of them on News Night etc. - he's become more of a key figure since then - and thats how it works the less integrity you have higher up the ladder you go -

The political reality is so far off the debate in the public sphere - No one raised Turkeys human rights abuses of the Kurds - though Saddams where sung from the roof tops
- No one mentions the corrupt regimes the West has supported over the years, most recently Indonisia in East Timor and Columbia (which is still going on I believe) -

People dont want to know and you start to feel like your some character in George Orwell book - "hmm [thinks to himself] maybe I will be broken by the money God"

The arrogance of Blair today (sat on the front bench with Reid and his STUPID FAT FACE!!!) in Prime ministers question time - his whole manner seems to say "You would dare question me? I mean what do you know, I mean you are, after all... cattle" - IDS is a muppet, they let him get away with moral posturing -"are you calling me a lier" sort of thing - no one wants to say that but a leader is supposed to have checks and balances - and INDEPENDENT reviews, democracy isnt founded on 'trusting our leader' - Jesus
-but thats how Blair got through today

I know every one is sort of is in agreement around here, but what about solutions - can there be solutions? Do we realise the gravity of what we are up against here?

Its like the history of the West is a history of corruption; Slavery; explotation of nations little brown people selling them drugs and arms to fight fueds more often than not we created. Maybe I should just shut up and learn to love the bomb