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this sounds good

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Like Panta says, "feeling the interaction" ... that's what I want. It will be fun to explore the ways to carry pieces of this interaction into the book. I think this part of it will work well.

But, beyond that, the question remains: how do we make this book shockingly, amazingly original and great? Doesn't it need a unified theme, a big theme, a surprising theme?

A tapestry is too self-contained a thing ... it would be valued by us (LitKicks folks) but wouldn't call out loudly to others. I want this book to yell out a single beautiful note like the fattest opera singer in the world. There has to be some kind of unity amidst all the levels of variety. What is this book's unity, if not a particular theme?

Another way to phrase the question is: what about this book will be interesting to people who hate message boards, who hate computers, who don't believe that the internet has any place in the contemporary literary scene? It's no fun preaching to the believers. We have to construct this thing to break down walls. That's the challenge ...

-- Levi