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why i am seemingly obsessed with world politics

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I thought I'd explain why I suggested war & peace as a theme for this first LitKicks book. It's not that I'm some kind of political freak or that I think world politics is the only thing that matters. Rather, it's that I'm trying to play to the strengths of the medium we are representing.

What is the internet good at? Well, connecting to diverse people all over the world is one thing. While I do wish there were more nations and religions and cultural backgrounds represented here, I do think we have a strong presence from North & South America, Eastern & Western Europe and Australia (I get occasional emails from Asia and Africa as well, though there is not much board activity from those regions).

This is why I'm thinking of global themes as a good basis for this book. I'm probably naive but I honestly do think the internet is going to advance the cause of world peace, and I'd like a little piece of that action myself.

In the end, though, I don't want to move too fast in selecting a theme or context for this book -- at this point my original suggestion is just that, a suggestion.

-- Levi