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yes, i think i know what you mean

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reaching out
touching each other with words and thoughts

lemme think...
it's all about motion
words like waves
a moving surface of a deeper connection
waves rolling from one shore to another
from one continent to the other
from thought to thought, hope to hope, dream to dream
the sea must be moving, has to be moved
so we can hear each other
listen to each other

(i'm still thinking...)

i see a book cover with a globe on it
a planet with continents and seas
seas made of words, of poems
connecting the strangers' lands:

litkicks: poems of motion
- surfing the waves -

litkicks: connecting
- surges of poetry -

litkicks: waving with words
- poems of connection -

... maybe the underlying theme doesn't have to be a certain subject for the poetry, but the general feeling of how words can be used to connect

interaction, yes,
but even more: connection

by communicating, by sharing our thoughts about things that occupy the minds of all of us, regardless of nationality, race or religion, themes such as love, death, loss, rapture or the meaning of life, we create a basis for a mutual respect that can lead to understanding and one day even to peace... so the theme of the book should be to show how we can build those wordbridges, those rainbows of shared hopes over which we can walk and touch each other's souls...

litkicks: waves of connection
- global poetry -

and im still
thinking about it....