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A perennial joke

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Ayn Rand is the apex of arrogance. She not only held herself up as the panacea of the world, but demanded from her followers that Atlas Shrugged be upheld as the greatest cultural achievement of all time. She also stated that she was the only living author who's head is not in a sewer. She was too megalomaniacal to be regarded as the paragon of reason.

Her former protege, Nathaniel Branden, has documented the fact that Rand was totally lacking in intellectual adventurousness, and she readily dismissed anyone who challenged her paradigms. For example, when Branden approached her with the evidence that depression may have a chemical cause, she replied by saying it was too late, that her thesis on the subject had already been thought out. This is not surprising. She presented her Objectivist philosophy, not as something to be tested, but as a revealed truth.

In the sphere of literature, Ayn Rand's views are woefully benighted. She deplored Naturalism as a dead end. She refused to acknowledge that albiet Naturalism has its limitations, few schools of literature have inspired so much change. But where are the Objectivists writers today? I know of none. This is because Objectivism is a dead end in its own right. Once you establish that one possible objective reality (and Ayn Rand was the only one qualified to discern it...cough!), there is nowhere to go, either forward, backward, up, down, or sideways.