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Senator from Massachusetts

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Kerry is a decorated Vietnam Vet who, upon return from his tours of duty (two, I believe) became so disillusioned with the war that he participated in Vietnam Veterans Against the War actions and became an outspoken critic of that conflict. I believe he may have tossed his medals over the fence and onto the White House lawn but I can't say that for sure.

Like his counterpart, Edward Kennedy, he has a consistantly progresive (for a mainstream politician) voting record on such issues as the environment, education, foreign policy, and health care.

The only real black mark on his congressional resume (from my perspective) is that, last Novemeber, he voted with the majority in authorizing President Bush to use all necessary means in ousting Saddam Hussein. I certainly expected more of him. It was one of the rare instances when he & Kennedy differed.

Does he have a chance at winning the presidency? Given that the last three elected Democratic Presidents have been centrists from the south (Clinton, Carter, Johnson), I wouldn't expect an East Coast Massachusetts "liberal" to upseat an incumbent, warmongering, Texas-talking, dim bulb Republican.

I'm from Massachusetts, by the way.