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Illegal government, Big Business and The corporate-owned media. This is the real axis of evil.
If you intend to maintain power by fear and misinformation, like our present regime, then the first thing you need to do is control the channels of information.
Concentrations of power and wealth have been the rule throughout recorded history. Wealth naturally trickles UP, not down as the supply siders would have you believe. It is a natural process for the holders of wealth and power to seek to protect and preserve that wealth and the sources of it.
Today, power and the wealth it brings depend upon information. It’s the information age. The richest man on earth built his fortune on the management of information. Ironically, in the processs of building this fortune, Bill Gates has been instrumental in providing the world with the means to circumvent an information monopoly—the internet. For the first time in history, the sources of information are not strictly ‘top-down.’ Networked communications are much more democratic than broadcast communications, and much less subject to central control.

I’m glad that Bill Gates is the richest man on earth. At least he knows what it feels like to subsist on re-warmed pizza while building his dream and fulfilling his vision.

I think that networked communications and what it represents (Namely, that the sources of information are no longer in the sole hands of an elite) have the aristocrats shaking in their boots. It’s the panic that goes with feeling a loss of control. We can expect more desperate and extreme actions from the elite as a result of this panic. Through their minions in the government they will seek to control the media. (Yesterday’s FCC ruling, for example.)
Already they are trying to muster some control of the internet. My prediction is that they will use the issue of child pornography to get the nose of the control camel under the tent. That and terrorism. The internet is a threat to these people because they are having trouble getting a bridle on it. If you are trying to maintain control, the standard practice is to first break up any organized opposition. The techniques for this are well established. But to break up Unorganized opposition is a more daunting task. The internet falls into this category. The technology is changing so rapidly that they can’t keep their parental controls in place. Any sixteen year old kid can write a program to circumvent them.

You can see who owns the six o’clock news by looking at the commercials that they run. Drug pushers. Sponsors control the media. I’ve been in the journalism business too long not to understand this fact. This is the mechanism by which the large corporations own the media and use it to pacify and control their subjects or customers. The internet is a medium in which the message goes both ways. This is harder to control.
As the power-hungry elite tries to assemble nuevo-colonialism and solidify their control of markets and resources in a classically mercantilistic way we can expect to see the imperialist forces try to control the mass media worldwide. History’s last empire was built on the fact that Brittania Ruled the Waves. The coming empire will be based on—Viacom/Disney/Aol-Time-Warner Rule the Airwaves. The internet is a huge thorn in the side for these new aristocrats.