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Net Works – World Words Versed in Unity? hmmm

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First, maybe it would be a good idea to ask for theme ideas and use several of them

Then, create dedicated boards for these themes until you have enough material for the Big Work- The Book... For instance, maybe 3 themes....

1- A board for poetry about the World Social & Political Conditions, peace & war

2- A board for poetry about the Human Condition, love, hunger & thirst, needs & desires, anger, pain, fulfillment, loss, death, etc.

3- A board for poetry about Envisioning the Future of the Human Condition and of the World Condition (tying it all together)

a title suggestion "Conditions & Envisions" - or -
"Net Works – A World Voice of Unity"... hmmm or something... "World Words Versed in Unity"?

These 3 themes can cover many poem topics and the interaction can be shown in the book using Panta's suggestion which I think is a very good one. We are all here together, having found our way to Litkicks via the Internet. It is the first time in human history when people from all over the planet can meet and share our voices Live! - It's a wonderful time in history, don't you think? These three themes can pretty much sum up what we are all thinking and feeling about Life and take it to a positive outlook for the world with the Envisioning the Future board.

My idea would be to open up these boards (or some other themes which you think might be better) for a stated amount of time, maybe 2-weeks to a month.... announce them and write the description at the top state that threads on those boards are book submissions....

People could repost works they think fit well or write new ones...

What do you think?