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Top 11 reasons Ari Fleischer was resigned.

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11. Jayson Blair suddenly became available.

10. Major campaign contributors like Enron, Arthur Andersen, Worldcom, etc., demanded him.

9. Needed another resignation to mitigate the significance of the resignation of Interior Secretary ChristieTodd Whitman.

8. Medical problem: growing a conscience.

7. Wanted to spend more time with Christie Todd Whitman's family.

6. Some really indefensible @#% being planned.

5. Dubya's grad school girlfriend, April H. Foley, is already board with her appointment to the board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank.

4. Secretive White House and lockstep corporate media have made his position obsolete.

3. Failed loyalty test: refused to say that Dubya shot down five Mitsubishi A6M Zeroes while flying to the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.

2. Once remarked that he liked the Dixie Chix.

1. Nobody crosses Helen Thomas.