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Sweeping floors

Posted to Poetry and Politics

I was being facetious about the current job market. Everyone one turns to nursing (like teaching) when all other options fail, but few really have what it takes to do the job with a good heart, and with the conglomerates owning the means of production, meaning the nursing homes and hospital chains, (bleh) it is nearly impossible to be the kind of nurse that you would like to be, so a lot of us are leaving the field even though we‘d like to stay.

I am looking for a new career, and I see very few options at the moment, other than grunt work, which I don’t mind doing; I just wish there was more choice in the career arena for people like me.

I have done everything from marketing research (for 15 years) to being a hotel maid and political campaign worker. I’m thinking hard on technical writing; writing grants for townships, or working for a non-profit entity. I’ll always be an idealist and that gets in the way of my own profit margin. I am a perpetual do-gooder and I can’t help myself.

Jobs are hard to find these days. I think I’d rather sweep floors, and do food prep, and take care of someone’s grandpa, than sell my soul to the greedy profit driven corporate world.