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Political art. Art in Politics. Artists. Politics. Vision.

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Very interesting discussion here (as Shamatha mentioned, it probably deserves its own post).

Let's see, maybe we should pass a law forbidding the inclusion of political intent in art. How's that sound, OZ?

Better, let's hold a giant rally that calls for exorcising artists of their desire to make political statements with their talents. Must keep Art free of Politics! Art should Decorate, not Declare.

What nonesense!

An artist has a responsibility to bring to bear their Vision, and if their Vision happens to include strong ideas, struggles for justice, political considerations, etc., then so be it.

Art is about more than museums, wine & cheese gatherings, polite conversation, and expensive, oversized books left on coffee tables to manifest good taste. Art is an integral component of civilization, and performs the duties that many, many citizens choose to eschew, among them monitoring the "powers that be", raising uncomfortable issues that threaten one's freedom, challenging the status quo, generating energy & ideas for social change, etc.

Where would we be without Picasso's Guernica, Diego Rivera's murals, Allen Ginsberg's poetry, Ani Difranco's relentlessly vocal political admonitions, Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience', etc.? (make your own list ....)