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need to unwind drink an unpolitical beer. It doesn't take an ideal world and it doesn't take a romantic point of view. Yes if you so political minded that you have to turn the simplist of human interaction into politics then you need to unwind--take a load off. I'm not talking about how characters interact. I'm talking agendizing literature for a political purpose. Life is not always politically motivated however I'm reacting against those that look at the political first and as the most important. If it wasn't the most important for you, you would not have said LOOK AT THESE POLITICAL LYRICS--it's great. That attitude saddenings me deeply. The world falls apart around us and we go LOOK AT THE POLITICS--isn't great. No, enjoy the world. The only reason you or anyone can say it's politics is because they can't unplug from it. So chill dude. Come on to Wilmington we'll have a beer I found this nice one that has a strange aftertaste of Cap'n Crunch--isn't it great. It don't think that my attitude is naive, I have been around that lifeblock once and twice.