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unwind. I wouldn't create a law for that--that's politicizing art. There is no responsibility for artist. Let's not raise ourself above our real lot in life. What you're suggesting actually makes the poet superman/or woman. We're human beings that make mistakes just like everyone else. We don't have some secret knowledge we're human. We may choose to see things from different angles--I hope you do but there (and in your response) the suggestion that politics in the ultimate goal of art and I'm saying that art is greater than that. You have limiting art by your point of view. I'm not suggestion removing politics out of art I'm suggesting for it not to be the reason. And yes you've made a nice list at the bottom of your post that has inspired the few not the many.

It's also interesting that you suggest that I make a law to forbid the political intension in art. I don't remember suggesting that. You see, you're so afraid of this dissenting few from your own that you have to exaggerate it in an attempt to destroy it. You really need to unwind. Come on let's have an unpolitical beer together and have wonderful conversation with our bartender.