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Hoist Your Mug - but what about Larry Brown?

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Absolutely, come along. After we bow and chant OM MANI PADME HUM a while, we can settle in for a few cold cervezas.

So, a Sixers fan, eh? Are you bummed that Larry Brown left? I would think the coming year or so might prove tumultuous. Will Iverson listen to anyone ever?

Making a regional assumption, you're pulling for the Nets in the Finals, oui? I guess I'm ambivalent. I'm an east coaster myself so lean toward teams in the east but there's something about NJ that I don't like. Jason Kidd, for example. His little blown kiss prior to his free throws has to be one of the most obnoxious rituals in the game today.

I kind of like San Antonio for the Ginobli & Tony Parker factors. An Argentine and a Frenchman? In Texas? Diablo! Pass the camembert.