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first rounds on me!

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I'm pulling for the Spurs actually too, b/c I dont really like the Nets. And I'm VERY bummed about Larry Brown...I think he's the best coach in the game right now and, well...I was sad, but I understood why he left. Whatever team picks him up is lucky...and I agree, its going to be hectic there for awhile...unless they like some ultra disciplinarian, defensive minded coach like Rick Pitino (yeah right...)

I've been a Sixers fan all 21 years of my life...I was lucky enough (granted when i was 4) to see Dr. J and Moses Malone and Charles Barkley come thru this town...and the Sixers, after 2000, I thought were Philly's last hope for a truly great sports team...what a bust! The Eagles sold off key defensive and special teams players (and we know what wins football games, and its not Donovan against 11 dudes), the Flyers are perennially the biggest disappointment in hockey, the Sixers are Allen Iverson's personal game of horse...the Phillies are the great white hope for Philadelphia sports right now. After picking up Thome and Millwood the became a penant contender...give them 2 or 3 years to develop Marlon Byrd and their young pitching staff (Duckworth and Myers) and they've got World Series written ALL over them...(assuming they dont shop off Abreu, Burrell, or Rollins)