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Why just one theme?

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I mean, if this is going to be an anthology, why not divide the book into sections based on multiple themes, that way people can write what they like...political, buddhist, or absurd, whatever...and whichever new thematically based boards work the best or produce a prolific body of work, get used...The book could be divided topically...I think this will broaden the appeal of the book and cater to the many different talents we have here...

As far as a title goes, well...perhaps a title which acknowledges the legacy that LitKicks arises from. I mean really, this is an artistic community, if not a movement of sorts. Its an artistic commune which operates solely in Hypertext...its a kind of weird dialectic between traditional forms of artistic expression and collectivization and the new digitized medium of internet communication...I'm sure theres a clever play on words hidden in all of our suggestions which can speak to the irony (and genius) of this very unique community of artists we all belong to.