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This is powerful

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I'm glad you wrote it, but I'm sorry it happened. It shouldn't have to be that way.
I once lived in a situation where I didn't have enough food, or heat in the winter. Lucky for me, I only had myself to take care of. This was before I got married and adopted a child.
I remember walking into a little pizza place and asked for a cup of water.
"It'll be 10 cents for the cup," the girl said.
I didn't have 10 cents. "Come one," I said. "Just give me a break. You can't spare a cup?" She wouldn't do it.
I got so mad that when I left the restaurant, I tried to SLAM the door, but it was one of those "air cushion" metal doors with the tube that makes it close slowly, and I looked like a ridiculous idiot pushing on the thing; the harder I pushed, the more the air shock resisted. People were staring at me and some guy laughed. Damn, I was pissed.
Anyway, I was so afraid you were going to say there was complications in the pregnancy or something. I am happy that you have your child. The government spends so much money on some things, but not on children, pregnant mothers, etc. I don't understand it.